Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Writer's Block!

I've been out of practice for so long that I can't seem to form a coherent post. It's not that I have no material. Quite the opposite, in fact. Hell, I've been gone for almost two months. Well, not gone, just noticeably less present?

Anyway, the new system is humming along. The main problem is that I only just realized that my external hard drive also got zapped when my motherboard in the old system did. What does this mean for me? Well, for starters, all of my music files were on the external. Not just imported CDs and less-than-legal downloads, but all of the vinyl albums that I had digitized and painstakingly removed the needle hiss and pops from. I cringe to think of how many hours I lost there.

Also, it held all of the movies I had ripped off of my DVD collection (and maybe a few that I just plain ripped off) so that I could fall asleep at night watching my favorites. This includes every single episode of The Office and Scrubs. On top of that, all of the installation files for software I downloaded.

The worst? Every damn one of my World of Warcraft patches and upgrades. It is going to take me the better part of two days worth of downloading to even think about getting any game time in.

Oh well, the important thing is: I'm back. Now, where the hell are y'all?

JT out.

Kinda late to tell you this.....but don't leave your portable hard drive hooked up all the time.

I learned that lesson the same way you did.
Yeah...definitely lesson learned on that one!
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