Tuesday, September 09, 2008


My Birthday Spanking

At this point, I could hear the sound of a belt snapping and knew I was in for it.

I wasn't expecting to get sold out by my own girlfriend, but I think she has secretly always wanted to spank me.

I decided if I just went with it and didn't fight it, she would go easy on me.

I was wrong.

JT out.

Way to ruin fetishes for everyone...
Awesome; loved it.
I think secretly that every woman wants to beat her man with a belt. That is my goal for the weekend. Thanks for reminding me.
That didn't look like 30 spankings!

Happy birthday!
If this proves anything its that you're a year older and still don't run the house.

You guys have entirely too much fun down there. I'm already trying to figure uut the next trip and there will be raw fries involved.
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