Thursday, September 18, 2008




I love independent music. I used to see a lot of local bands around town in dive bars. Unfortunately, with the advent of adulthood, this kind of fell by the wayside due to those annoying grown-up responsibilities: getting up in the morning, paying the car payment, the mortgage, and feeding the Korean boy we keep in the closet (by the way Kyle, I forgot to feed him this morning, if you get home before I do, toss Yong some kibble.) Also, most of the old dive bars I loved so much have closed their doors.

Despite my best intentions, I usually don't make it out to see too many live shows. One I'm very glad I didn't miss: The Supervillains. Sweet Baby Jesus in the Morning, what a live show. Hell, even the sound check was awesome. I had the privilege of hanging out with these cats the last time they came through town. We spent the better portion of time before the show hanging out in their RV, drinking Orange Blossom Pilsner and just shooting the shit. In addition to being wildly talented, these guys are genuinely friendly and funny as hell. From the cover of Billy Joel's Movin Out/Anthony's Song (best cover ever - you can check it out on their website) to interacting with the crowd, to just rocking fucking balls, these guys are relentless. I can't wait to see them again, I just have to wait for them to come back into town.

What was the best live show you've seen recently? Sound off in the comments section and make some suggestions!

JT out.

How did I not know about Orange Blossom Pilsner? I'll have to see if I can track some down - I think it would be delicious cut with orange Fanta (and apologies to those beer purists whose sensibilities I just tastes better than it sounds, really).
While I cringe, I am also curious.

The owner of OBP is a buddy of mine, actually. Great guy.
The Germans have a drink that involves either pilsner and Coke or pilsner and orange Fanta, and it is exceedingly popular in Berlin. The pils/fanta combo is similar in flavor to putting an orange wedge in your beer (which I sometimes do with Blue Moon), only much sweeter. A good drink for summer cookouts.
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