Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Welcome, Comrades...

I have added several new allies to Spork Nation's Axis of Allies. Also, it's my birthday.

Here is a quick welcome. Please take a minute to stop by, say howdy, and leave a comment.

Pointless Banter If I had known him, we would have been great friends in college.

The Ominous Comma Equally hilarious. Currently on hiatus, but we've all been there.

Back to Barnwell - another SC native, residing in the small town of Barnwell, SC. Go say Hi. I'll wait right here until you come back.

Word - Extremely well-written posts on a variety of subjects, from vegetarianism to shoving towels into butts. Could you ask for more?

Be the Boy - Like me, but with a West Coast flair, better writing skills and a hot ass wife.

The Slackmistress Will's hot-ass wife. Sorry, Will...it's true. Congrats, also. Erhmm...congrats also to the slackmistress, because Will is a catch and I don't want to be seen as sexist. RRawwrrr, Will.

Regardless, welcome to my world.

JT out.


I said it in the previous comment, but I'll say it here again: Happy Birthday, Buddy!
Hey now, it's your burfday

Have a couple three PBRs on me buddy
Thank you, gentlemen.

Let me sum this up: as of 10:36 AM, EST, the following people have expressed birthday wishes:

Compton, who called me from San Fran at 3:10 AM my time.



My coworker Lori



The people I have not heard from:

My family (other than Compton)
Happy birthday man!
Have a good one.
Happy Birthday, Man. Remind me that I own you a beer.
Thanks for linking me to you blog! I'll check your friends out...I just hope the people of Barnwell find out about it...They may just kick me out!

Happy Birthday sir!
Once again, thank you to everyone!
Happy birthday! Thanks for including me in your Axis. That is probably the best gift I can give you.

Also, my b-day is next week. Go Virgo!

According to one source, "Hygiene" is among the Virgo's likes. (What a wierd thingv to like so much that would be included in a "Likes" List.) Famous virgos include such mediocre presidents as LBJ and William Howard Taft.

However, my favorite Virgo will always be Freddie Mercury. Woot.
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