Tuesday, September 23, 2008


What Happens When Pirates Drink...

...also known as "My New Haircut." Sorry these didn't go up yesterday, I got lazy and forgot. Last Friday night, after sampling plenty of rum, eating three packs of ketchup and continuing to drink beer, it was haircut time. Originally, my hair was not included.

You see, Kyle and Burt were participating in the USMC's Mud Run on Saturday. It's a huge obstacle course event run by teams of four. Every year they run it along with the Evil Genius and his wife, whom I suppose we'll dub Mrs. Evil. Not that she's evil. Quite the opposite. Perhaps we'll call her Mrs. Genius? Nah, I like the sound of Mrs. Evil. Regardless, one year they all shaved their heads, another year they did something else, this year was faux-hawks. Well, for the guys anyway. Mrs. Evil keeps her hair the same.

At any rate, I was enlisted to help with the cutting of the hair, and it was great fun. So much fun that when, after several more beers, they tried to convince me to participate in the trend, I willingly agreed. Here are the results:

Left to Right: JT, Kyle, Burt

I have no idea if we were doing a "fighting pose" or a "dancing pose."

Clearly, we are Pirate Cheerleaders.

This was all great fun Friday night until I had to wake up Saturday morning and go to work, something that I had overlooked a bit in my drunken haze the night before. I didn't have enough time to locate the clippers, correct guard, and trim the hawk off. No one said much at first, and I thought that perhaps it wasn't noticeable since I had washed all of the gel out and the hair was just lying flat on top of my head...until my boss said "You got a wrestling match with Chief Wahoo McDaniel later?"


JT out.

Drunken human pyramids are a chiropractor's dream.

Your haircut is pretty trendy, actually.
You should have seen the drunken human pyramid push-ups after the fact.

It could have been a true disaster.
I like the mohawk.
Yeah, that's what most people say about faux-hawks: "not noticeable". LOL

p.s. you need to make your blogger profile available so when you comment and people click on your name they'll see your blog. Right now it says "profile unavailable"

(THAT explains why you don't have thousands of comments :)

okay, Happy Hour Sue has commented on your blog. I'm watching you...and when is the Reid's cookoff? Of Course, come on down and we can blog about it
I don't know when it is, you're the one who lives in Barnwell!
Hey, I don't keep up with Reid, and I'm in Charleston right this second...I'll try to find out, but listen out for that commercial again, and if it's a day I have available, which I'll have to check with the couch, I'm in. I can't cook worth shit though, but I'll host your area. And then blog about it.
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