Wednesday, October 08, 2008


The Current Cabinet

Secretary of State: Caveman
Minister of Brown Coats: Johnny L
Secretary of Booze, Gambling and Prostitutes: the Cap'n
Director of Jailbait Affairs: Cargirl
Vice Undersecretary of Depressionomics: Maus
Secretary of Education: Hilbelink (she asked to be a speech writer, but since she is an educator, I fogured this might be more fitting...and she can still write my speeches.)

Everyone has until the end of the week (or before Monday) to apply for more positions...between work and CDP's Mix-Tape Trade, I'm too busy for posting.

JT out.

Wow...educator is a rather liberal term for what I do.

Actually, the district blocked YouTube, so I have had to start reading books and teaching again. Rats!
I'll be the press secretary. I'm sure there will be a lot for me to clean up.
HIL - You can't fool me. You're a teacher to the core.

B2B - Good man.
Got you guys covered:
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