Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Quick Reminder...

Sorry that I haven't had an update yet this week. I have assumed new responsibilities at work, which are great because it means an increase in pay, but which are causing unexpected headaches right now that are time-consuming. Next week should be better.

I try to keep this site fun, light-hearted and slightly tipsy, but I wanted to remind everyone that October 4th is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming elections. However, since the 4th is a Saturday, that means that this Friday, October 3rd, is the last day. That's two days away, kids.

So go register, and go cast your votes in November. Remember, if you don't vote, you have no right to bitch and moan when we invade the moon because we suspect that it harbors an Al-Qaeda training base and has weapons of mass destruction hidden on the Dark Side of the Moon. Only Pink Floyd knows what truly lies over there, and I suspect it's more along the lines of a massive LSD factory than anything else.

All joking aside, go vote. You need to practice voting so that when I run in 8 more years you can cast your vote for freedom, truth, and the American way. Also, none of this waiting around to see who my running mate will be. I'm going to go ahead and announce right now that I wish good internet friend, fellow blogger and accomplished author theCDP to run on my ticket for Vice President. Will he accept? Damn, I hope so.

Now I feel kind of like the guy who asks a chick to the prom in some massive public display and is waiting for an answer. Sure, he knows she's way out of his league, but he's showing confidence (aside from the massive pit stains and uncontrollably shaking hands,) so she has to say yes, right?

Spork Nation/CDP 2016*, y'all.

JT out.

*I was going to design a banner last night but decided to drink beer and fall asleep instead.

Good call on getting the word out about registering to vote. All egotism, philosophy and belief aside, it's just something you gotta do as an American.

I will also use this platform to hereby announce my acceptance for JT's Vice-Presidential bid in 2016. Between a gun-toting South Carolina native and a Midwestern hipster, I see no reason why we cannot unite the nation and garner at least 90-90% of the popular vote. It's a gimme; I almost feel bad for whomever we're running against.
You got my vote! (mostly because I can't wait to take in some of that sweet, sweet lobbyist money.)
This is even better than the Walken '08 campaign.
Thank you, good sir!
I call dibs on Secretary of State!
(In response to your text message:)

...An iPhone-toting, PBR-swilling Midwestern Hipster.

(Stupid iPhone charges me .20 a text, so I'm trying to avoid it like the plague. On a positive note, I can just check my e-mail through my phone now.)
You should use Head-on for those headaches caused by your new position. Apply directly to the forehead!
When you make your run for the White House, be sure that you say the word "maverick" in every sentence. This will make you sound cool like Palin.
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