Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Recipe Contest Numero Dos

Back in April, I had my first recipe contest. My good friend Avril won, and I'm somewhat ashamed to say that I haven't actually tried the recipe yet. It's mainly due to the fact that I want to cook it and have Avril and her husband over for dinner, and our schedules are all absolutely batshit insane. If the opportunity presents itself, I will do it.

Here's the second contest, inspired by my girlfriend who has caught a nasty cold and feels like a bucket of monkey poo. I wanted to make a warm, relaxing drink for her, but I was tired of the usual: Irish Coffee, peppermint schnapps in hot chocolate, apple cider with rum, etc. I went with a new recipe I concocted, but wanted some additional ideas. I'm looking for some great winter drink recipes, alcoholic or non-alcoholic (although I think we all know which ones I'll favor the most.) I'll leave this up until Friday, normal posting schedule will resume next week.

Bring it, kids, I know you have it in you (I'm looking at you, Dr. Joel.)

JT out.

2/3 part E&J Cask and creme Chocolate Temptation 1/3 part svedka raspberry..... mmmmmmm
I got nothin. I just drink tea.

When you said monkey poo, I was hoping you were looking for poo related recipes. Disappointment City.
Hil - You actually get bonus points for using poo as an ingredient.

Noah - Thanks for stopping by and your first comment. See you early in the AM.
I love coffee w/ Kahlua & Bailey's. very low-cal.
What about warm tequila and hot sauce?
Stumpy - Ugh. Prarie Fires are a no-no in my house.
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