Monday, October 20, 2008



First, an apology for Friday's post. I'm not sorry that I sent that email, but I am sorry that I shared in venting my frustration with y'all. I normally just delete emails of that nature, but this was around the sixth or seventh moronic forward that I had gotten from this individual. I should note that I do not know this person, and have asked him multiple times to stop sending me emails.

Here is my policy on forwards: Do not send me forwards, unless they are funny enough to make me wet myself, or contain information that you took twelve seconds to verify on or any major news source. I have scolded my girlfriend, my mother, my sister, and my father on numerous occasions for flooding my inbox with nonsense. True, I was much nicer in my wording to them, but still.

After this individual sent me the same forward three times in one day, I kind of lost it. Also, I had been on my feet all day and most of Thursday night and was tired and more than a little bit drunk. I would have sent the email regardless, but I would not have found it amusing enough to post here if it wasn't for the mass quantities of beer, rum, and assorted other beverages that had flooded my liver that night.

Also - on the McCain/Palin comment, I was out of line. I know plenty of intelligent people that plan on voting for them in a few weeks. While I clearly do not agree, that crossed the line and I apologize to anyone I offended by that statement. THat was the rum talking.

Whew, I feel better. I've been regretting that post all weekend, but was out of town so I couldn't publish this until now.

Back tomorrow with more funny, less asshole.

JT out.

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