Monday, November 03, 2008


November Blitz

Well, my wireless keyboard is still on the fritz (what the hell does that saying even mean, anyway?) but I found a wired keyboard sitting around that I'm temporarily using until Logitech gets back to me.

I'm going to get back into regular postings this month. I'm not going to do NaNoMoPriBiAckDer or whatever the thing is where blog authors commit to write a post every day. I can't for two reasons: 1. I have to concentrate on my real job. Until this blog starts paying the bills, it is far from my top priority. 2. I just don't have enough to say to post everyday. I could do it, but well over half of the material would make me cringe and quite possibly prevent some of the nine readers I have from ever coming back.

I'm floating around some new ideas to try out on here. For one, I'm going to start devoting more time to one of my passions: great beer. Expect links to beer review sites, my own personal opinions of beers, and maybe some sort of swag giveaway from all of the random beer stuff I have sitting around the house. Also, I'm in the process of trying to sell my house, and when I move to my new place, I will have more room and plan to start home-brewing.

I'm also going to be doing more cross-promotional stuff between here and my side-project, Cap'n Sloshy's Breakfast-O-Rama. If you think I've been slack about posting here, hasn't been updated since October 5th. Honestly, that blog can survive solely on the Capn's stories, but he likes my style of writing, so he relates the stories to me and I post them.

I should have some Halloween pictures up soon, stay tuned.

Also - don't forget to vote tomorrow!

JT out.

Now that the CDP has officially retired November 'Sweeps Month,' it's good to see someone near and dear to the CDP Network pulling out all of the stops before the Holiday season.
Earlier today I accessed my blog to make my students look at pics of my dog. They asked if anybody actually reads my blog or if I just essentially talk to myself. When I saw that you had posted a comment and pointed this out to the students, they were not impressed. Their main question was, "How do you people find each other?"

Also, I recently began to appreciate beer, so I look forward to your commentary.
I'm doing that NaBlaBlaBla thing, and yesterday I wrote a 11 word post bitching about writing a post...It was awesome.
For information regarding the origins of "on the fritz," I refer you to one of my very favoritest sites ever: The Straight Dope. Possibly it has something to do with The Katzenjammer Kids, which is just fun to say.

Second, for when you start homebrewing, I refer you to the site we use for all our homebrew needs: We got our starter kit there (we chose the "Better Basic Starter Kit," which has been great), and all our subsequent ingredient kits. This weekend we are brewing Phat Tyre Ale. I highly recommend homebrewing to anyone who drinks beer more than once a week. It's so much cheaper. With homebrew, we can actually afford to be beer snobs. Yea, something else to be pretentious about! It's also ridiculously easy. Not to mention mad fun times to look into this giant pot on your stove and giggle to yourself and think, "I'm making beer man."
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