Tuesday, November 04, 2008


You're My Boy, Blu...the Revenge.

Longtime Spork Nation reader BluStaCon and I have a bit of a rivalry. I'm a Clemson fan and he's a Boston College fan. Last year, we made a gentleman's wager. If Clemson won (they did not) then he had to send me a picture of him in orange. If Boston College won (they did) I had to post a picture on Spork Nation wearing Boston College colors.

I'm just thankful for two things:

1. A year later, the situation is reversed. I would like to thank Clemson University for firing Tommy Bowden.

2. Blu is a man of his word...which I never doubted.

I would also like to note that he did a much better job with his picture than I did with mine. Rest assured, Blu, if you ever beat us again in our 100% Bowden-free days, I will take it up a notch or two myself.

Once again, I want to thank Blu for being such a loyal reader and man of his word.

JT out.

Damn straight!
You're a good man.
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You guys rule.
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