Monday, December 15, 2008


A Bah Humbug Break...

So, I finally had a day yesterday where I had absolutely no commitments. No work, no holiday parties, and no interventions. How did I spend it? 45% in my bed reading or watching movies, 40% on the couch reading or watching TV, and 15% eating anything I could find.

Seriously, I ate about seven meals yesterday. I think because I've been so busy that I've been working through lunch and only eating dinner for the past couple of weeks, my body took advantage of yesterday to gorge itself, presumably for winter hibernation. That's right, folks, ol' JT is actually a grizzly bear.

Here is a list of meals consumed:

Okay, so I only had six meals. Still, I was so incredibly full by bedtime that I had a hard time sleeping. It was much like the way I feel after Thanksgiving, but with me consuming much less quality food.

On a completely random note, I have discovered a new band that I really like, thanks to theCDP's Top 25 Songs of 2008 post. I should note that I'm not nearly as hip into music as I used to be, since I have heard of approximately four out of the twenty-five bands listed.

Go check it out, and enjoy the one I like the best:

JT out.

You're going to like We Are Scientists. They're friends with the guys that do all of those Digital Shorts on SNL, so pretty much every one of their videos are hilarious. Spend a few minutes on YouTube, you won't be disappointed.
you ate nothing..... where's the 8 lb fried turkey, the gallon of milk, the firehouse sub, damon's nachos, did you even have a breakfast?
Yay for the day off!

The great thing about being a teacher is that I get two weeks off over the holidays. Well, I will spend one of those weeks reading research papers, writing semester exams, and making lesson plans. Hooray for one week anyway.
I *think* the girl in the video is the actress who plays the ditzy-slutty receptionist (or whatever that girl's job is supposed to be...?) on 30 Rock.
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