Wednesday, December 31, 2008


New Jobby Job

I know I hinted at it briefly in my interview with theCDP, but here it is: I'm leaving my job as a salesman of beer, wine, and spirits. I'll miss it immensely, most especially my boss. Jeff and I have this great relationship in which we can scream and cuss at each other, calling one another the dirtiest names in the book, and be laughing and having a beer five minutes later. He's a combination of an older brother and crazy uncle to me. I'm not leaving because I'm dissatisfied, I'm leaving mainly because I'm burnt out on sales and commissions. I honestly believe that our selection of craft beers is second to none in South Carolina.

I've never come right out and said where I worked, but I think I can now. Jeff has a fantastic website to back up his amazing beer, wine, and spirits portfolio, and I think it's almost criminal that no one outside of South Carolina sees it. Go visit my old homepage at Carolina Craft Distributing. Especially check out the beer section, which is my favorite.

The good news is this: I'm staying in the same industry, just switching sides. Instead of the poor schmo out there busting his ass to make sales, I'm going to be the smug asshole behind the desk who does the buying. What does this mean? Free sample bottles, lunches, and a Ferrari (I may be exaggerating a bit on the Ferrari. I'm getting a Porsche, and only a Boxster at that.)

I think I'll miss the freedom and challenges of sales. Actually, I'm lying. I know I will. It's what I thrive on. However, new challenges await, and I'm excited. Plus, as I told Jeff, I'm still in his corner. I'll always be pushing his products above the others because of the quality and dedication he has put in.

Today is my last day, I start the new job Friday. So here's a toast to us all: to old friends, new friends, and the third fucking anniversary of Spork Nation!

Thank you all for sticking around, and may the New Year treat us all better than the last.

Y'all be safe tonight.

JT out.

I am raising a nerdy, electronic glass of fine craft beer to you. Happy new year!

(also, my catchpa for this comment is "abloggi" - which I find funny)
If you hadn't stayed in the biz i would have been torn up about this news, you're a beer man through and through and even though i won't get another chance to tear through your hood selling beer with you (and consequently tearing through said hood drinking it at day's end) i'm glad we'll still be able to get work done together.
Tomorrow your ass is mine! muahahahahahahaha!
It already was, you sexy beast.
Sounds like a sweet gig, yo!
Happy Blogiversary, and congrats on the new gig!
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