Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A Special Week

Last week was special for several reasons. The most obvious, of course, is that last Wednesday, January 7th was the anniversary of the Harlem Globetrotters playing their first game. Other notables were my first full week of work at the new job, and adult Santa Claus paying me a visit.

Now, before any of you kids get your minds all filthy in the gutter, I'm not talking about "adult" as in anal beads and fur-lined handcuffs. I mean "adult" as in adult beverages, aka beer in this case. First off, last Thursday a regular customer to the store brought in a four-pack of Oskar Blues Ten Fidy. This is one of the most highly rated beers in the United States, but is unavailable for purchase in South Carolina.

I immediately started scheming how I was going to get this beer from him. Bludgeoning him to death with a bowling pin and burying his body in the basement came to mind, but I had neither a bowling pin or a basement at hand, so I resorted to Plan B: I offered to buy it off of him. Luckily, he had three more four-packs in the car, so this was not a problem. My eyes lit up like I was a six-year-old girl getting a pony for Christmas that poops tiaras and Barbie clothes.

How could the day get any better? I found out that my friend Marion had gotten his hands on the last bottle of Brooklyn Black Ops in Columbia. We agreed that I would trade him one of my cans of Ten Fidy for a drink out of his bomber (a term for a 22oz bottle.) However, since Marion is apparently the Antichrist, he drank the entire bottle himself. Luckily for him, I found out that there was still one store in town with a few bottles left, and through sheer willpower, I instantly teleported there and purchased two bottles.

The Ten Fidy was a great beer, but I think I was expecting too much out of it based on the hype and expectation. For my money, I'll stick with Founder's Breakfast Stout, which I feel is much more deserving of the 100 rating.

I haven't opened the Black Ops yet, I'm waiting on a special occasion...

Hope y'all are doing well, let me know how the New Year is treating you.

JT out.

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