Sunday, February 15, 2009



My victorious return is anything but. Last week at work was brutal, with me hitting over 70 hours. Very cool hours if you're paid hourly, very shitty if you're salary (which I am.) Does this mean I hate my job? Hell to the no, I love it. Does this mean I need to take a few days off in a row soon? You know it, sweetcakes.

My sense of humor is abso-fucking-lutely shot. I just got home from our Annual White Trash/Daytona party, and I'm too exhasuted to write anything funny. I barely even had the energy to shave my beard into a fu manchu and drink cheap beer for the afternoon.

Hooray for a bitter, not remotely funny update. Sorry kids.

JT out.

Though it is little consolation, I feel your pain of working 70 hours for salary. I show up at 6:45am, leave at 5pm (4:30 on an early night), then go home and grade papers and make lesson plans. But, I also love my job.

Hang in there!
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