Monday, February 23, 2009



Here I am, back again. This feels a touch like meeting up with a past lover who you just decided not to call. I apologize, I did you dirty, I've changed, etc.

I have a lot, lot, lot of material to write about. My friend Fayaz was on Jeopardy. We had a crazy Halloween party. The annual Daytona/White Trash party. I don't wear pants that often.

Regardless, here it is: my head is in a good place, I love my job, and I'm working more hours than ever. Of course, some of those "working" hours take place at trade shows where "working" consists of sampling high-end wines for four hours at no charge. Hooray!

For instance, my absolute favorite sales rep ever is paying for Melissa and I to come see her presentation on Tuesday. Thank you, Esther! We love you! Also, my boss and I get to go out of town and have free hotel rooms for three nights in early March. My life sucks, huh?

More focussed posting soon, but I'm back. Promise.

JT out.

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