Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So...This is Where I've Been...

Trying to sell this house.

Moving, working, and getting a house ready to sell. I'm making no more excuses or promises about when Spork Nation will return. Nothing personal, I just work entirely too many hours between my job and this house. Add to that the fact that Melissa and I now live together and are adjusting to that milestone, and I have zero time or creativity right now.

I do miss you all, and will return. However, plan on seeing a new Spork Nation. I am recruiting team members to help me update the site and keep it fresh. Anyone interested, let me know. Anone from any walk of life, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or political leaning is welcome. Except Canadians. This is, after all, a great Nation, made up of many.

JT out.

Smooth ceilings AND a chef's delight? I'll take it!
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