Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Moving Day 2k6...again

You know what I love more than moving? Getting poked in the groin with a white-hot fork, and Republicans. I kid, I kid. The girlfriend is actually a Republican, so I have to at least pretend to like them...

I found out about a month ago that there were problems with the septic tank in the house where I live. I discovered this while I was in the shower one day. I noticed that the water wasn't draining very well, and I could hear what sounded like air bubbling up through the toilet as well as the other drains in my house. The next day, while washing dishes, the water didn't seem to want to leave the sink. I couldn't blame it, the sink is shiny, but still, dirty dishwater belongs down the drain, not standing and festering and smelling like old grease and stale beer with a hint of sour milk. Delicious.

I called my landlord, who immediately sprang into action. In all honesty, he did. He truly doesn't fit the stereotypical lazy landlord image. Don't get me wrong, he's lazy, but he and I have been friends since junior high school, so he's pretty quick to respond when I have an issue at the house, or want to drink beer with him, or both.

Unfortunately, since the house is within city limits, the city decided that he couldn't replace the old septic tank, and must tap into city sewer. This is proving to be too costly to make it worth his effort, as I would have to continue paying rent, with no other repairs or maintenance done, for well over a year to make up for the cost. Luckily, he has another rental property that has recently come open that I can move into. It's slightly smaller, but in a much nicer neighborhood, the kind where even Republicans would feel safe, and the backyard will be bigger and much nicer for the dogs.

Also, it gives me a good excuse to have another party to redecorate the Beer-mas tree, since it will have to come down in the move. Be prepared for Beer-mas Bash 2k6, and with the coming of the new year, the official retiring of "2k6." I promise I'll try to refrain from using "2k7," but I'm a filthy liar.

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