Thursday, December 21, 2006


'Tis the Season

I know I've been complaining about Christmas a lot lately. Get used to it. I'll keep complaining until the decorations are down and that terrible music is silenced. I'm truly curious to see how early next year they trot out the decorations and music. I'm thinking shortly after July 4th, Labor Day at the latest.

Here's a subject I haven't brought up yet: gifts. If I had my way, instead of exchanging gifts, half of which will be returned or tucked away for later "re-gifting," we should just hand each other twenty dollars and call it a day. Maybe we could then go out and buy each other drinks with the combined forty dollars. Think of the fun to be had! Instead, we're supposed to put actual thought into gifts. I don't like thinking, it makes my brain sad. Also, my family is extremely difficult to buy for.

My very least favorite part of gift giving, however, is wrapping presents. I have the skill level of a drunken four year old when it comes to wrapping presents, which is why I prefer to use this method of wrapping:

Unfortunately, this usually gets me yelled at by my mother, grandmother, sister, or all three combined. They think it's tacky and that I'm lazy. While I won't argue either point, it's still more attractive than what happens when I actually try to wrap presents. This year, my friend Aubrey offered to assist me in the gift-wrapping area (Sucker!). She actually enjoys it! Here are the final results of Aubrey wrapping the Girlfriend's gift:

Aubrey rocks, as I believe I've stated before. There's an actual jingle bell on there, folks!

I do wish I had remembered to poke air holes in there, though.

That Chinchilla's never gunna make it in there.
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