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I don't know how many of my loyal readers are also bloggers, but I know that some of you are. If you're not already using something to track your hits and statistics (I use Google Analytics,) I suggest you start. Or maybe don't, because I spend entirely too much time trying to determine how someone found my site by searching for "2x6 joist span sister," or "high school girls leather pants." I promise I never wrote a post about high school girls in leather pants, Chris Hanson. Please get off of my porch.

Some of my other favorites? List time!

Most of the hits I get come from people searching for some variation on the theme of "white trash party" however. I have to credit one single post for bringing me all of those hits.

What I found the most interesting, however, is that I am being read in 48 out of 50 states (I'm missing North Dakota and West Virginia,) and in 39 countries worldwide. The second-most loyal country is Canada, which makes me feel that perhaps I should apologize for all of the Canadian jokes I make. I should, but I won't. Not until they start exporting french fries and gravy to South Carolina and stop using that silly metric system.

Naturally, I get the most hits from South Carolina, but Wisconsin is bringing up second with Minnesota and California a very close third and fourth. That being said, I get hits from more cities in California (144) than in South Carolina (44). I would love to explain my theory as to why that is, but I don't have one. Feel free to formulate one and get back to me.

The amount of information to be gained is overwhelming. Most of it is useless to me since this isn't a commercial site, but it is vastly entertaining and a touch disturbing at times (see "high school girls leather pants" above.) Crap. Now I'm going to get more and more hits for that. Oh well.

JT out.

Woot! from Wisconsin. Why do I keep writing Woot? I think I spend too much time around high schoolers.
It's okay. I picked up all kinds of silly slang from my time working with young stoners at the Village Idiot.
When I Google Analytic'd the CGNM, I had most of my readers from Wisconsin, and I had a surprising amount of regular readers in Indonesia.

I think it's messed up.
I don't have any "regular" international readers except for a few in Canada and Italy.

Besides, CG, everyone knows that Indonesians have a special fondness for underage chicks from the Midwest!
Correction: EVERYBODY likes underage chicks from the midwest.
I stand corrected.

Seriously, Chris Hanson, get off of my porch.
California has more cities than South Carolina, so that explains 144 vs. 44. I think SC only has 44 cities total, so congrats on hitting them all...
Thanks, and welcome back!
All I ever get are people searching for Josh Flagg's grandmother, Edith...Maybe I should just start throwing in the occasional bad, or sex word just for the hell of drawing traffice....

"Today I went to Wal-Mart, sucking on titties, and let me tell you what I saw while there. There was this one girl with, hot sex, a dress on that seriously...."
I think I have maybe five people who visit my blog on anything resembling a regular basis, but now I'm curious about the stats...
I'm making a list like this, too. Sometimes, a bad hit day is made up for by knowing that one of the few people who did visit arrived there with an amusing search.

I can't figure out Google analytics. *blush* I mean, I understand what a < / body> tag is, but my HTML tags are all done for me. So I guess I have to just keep going with the the Wordpress stats, which are sometimes disappointingly unhelpful. Yesterday was my busiest day ever, but I don't know how a single person arrived there. No search terms listed, no referrals. Weird.
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