Friday, September 21, 2007


Human Volcano!

First, a bit of backstory. I'm sure most of you know that I'm a bit of a stunt drinker from time to time.

My roommate had come up with this idea a while back, but we had yet to execute it. Finally, the night of Shawn and Katie's going away party, Shawn (aka Peckerpacker) insisted that I do it before he moved back to Cincinatti. Being a good friend and somewhat inebriated, I agreed.

I should also explain the sleeveless shirt. I don't go around rocking sleeveless tshirts on a regular basis, I swear. I know I live in South Carolina, but contrary to popular opinion, we're not a bunch of backwards hicks. We're a bunch of drunken, backward hicks. Actually, I had cut the sleeves off of this one for a white trash party a week or so before, and Shawn requested that I wear it in the video. Once again, being a good friend and somewhat inebriated, I agreed.

I should mention that there is cursing in this, so don't watch it with the sound way up if you are at work, daycare, school, church, synagogue, a mosque or are offended by cursing.

JT out.

Crap, I'm getting a red X.
Yeah...stupid blogger. I'm working on uploading it elsewhere and coding it in. Stand by.
I'm still having troubles, but I'm almost positive it's because of my office computer. I'll watch it when I get home, yo.
That's a big 10-4, good buddy.
I sure hope Peeber wasn't hurt while filming this work of excellence. :^)
That actually looked like a pretty good time. I lul'd.

Please don't stop putting yourself at great personal risk for the sake of entertainment. I always wanted to know what that would look like, and thanks to you, I can die a little happier.
Bubba - No worries. Peeber lives with Melissa.

CDP - If you build it, they will come. I'm getting ready to start another poll to see what I should do next.
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